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1405104996 Blueprints - Surgery (4th ed.) Karp, Morris Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $4.00 Some good diagrams, charts to supplement other resources.
9780071600231 Case Files Family Medicine (3rd ed.) Toy et al Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9780071402842 Case Files OBGYN (4th ed.) Toy Like new, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071753913 Case Files Psychiatry (4th ed.) Toy, Klamen Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071766999 Case Files Surgery (4th ed.) Toy et al Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00
9781609789169 Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes (1st ed.) Carlos Pestana Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00 Underlining, some writing, no highlighting. High yield for surgery shelf, reg. $30.
9780323355162 Emergency Medicine Secrets (6th ed.) Vincent Markovchick et al. Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 High-density review book for Emergency Medicine
9780071598880 Family Medicine Pretest (2nd ed.) Doug Knutson Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 Underlining on approx 5 pages, like new
9780071802321 First Aid for USMLE Step 1 2013 (13th ed.) Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071831420 First Aid for USMLE Step 1 2014 (14th ed.) Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan, Matthew Sochat Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $5.00
9780983224624 Fundamentals of Pathology (pathoma) Husain Sattar Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 2014 edition. Some underlining in the first 2 chapters, otherwise like new!
9780983224624 Fundamentals of Pathology (Pathoma) 2014 (1st ed.) Husain A Sattar Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00
9780071792912 Lange Pharmacology Flashcards (3rd ed.) Baron & Lee Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00
9780781769242 Lippincott Microcards: Review Cards For Medical Students (2nd ed.) Harpavat and Nissim Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 Excellent microbiology flashcards for Step 1 studying.
9781934465035 MKSAP (4th ed.) ACP Like new, Some markings/highlighting $10.00 Includes CD, very minimal writing
9781934465547 MKSAP for Students 5 (5th ed.) ACP Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $20.00 450 Internal Medicine questions written by Internal Medicine clerkship directors for shelf review
9780323370790 Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards (3rd ed.) Hansen Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9780781788076 Obstetrics and Gynecology (6th ed.) Charles Beckmann Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00
9781496349507 Obstetrics and Gynecology Blueprints (6th ed.) Callahan and Caughey Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00
9781299824270 Pediatrics Pre-Test (13th ed.) Yetmann, Hormann Like new, Some markings/highlighting $5.00
9781259587078 PreTest Emergency Medicine (4th ed.) Adam Rosh, Ciara Barclay-Buchanan Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
0071455523 Pretest Pediatrics (11th ed.) Robert Yetman, Mark Hormann Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071761017 PreTest Psychiatry (13th ed.) Klamen, Pan Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9781609133603 Step-Up to Medicine (3rd ed.) Steven Agabegi, Elizabeth Agabegi Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00 Great for Internal Medicine and Step 2 studying
9781451189599 Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK (3rd ed.) Brian Jenkins et al Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071761215 Surgery : PreTest self-assessment and review. (13th ed.) Lillian S. Kao, Tommy Lee. Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071598637 Surgery Pre-test (13th ed.) Kao & Lee Like new, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9781496370815 Surgical Recall (7th ed.) Lorne Blackbourne Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9780323085144 USMLE Step 1 Secrets (3rd ed.) Brown & Shah Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00

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