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9780071604055 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition (LANGE Basic Science) (11th ed.) Katzung, Masters, Trevor Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00
1405104996 Blueprints - Surgery (4th ed.) Karp, Morris Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $4.00 Some good diagrams, charts to supplement other resources.
1405103930 Blueprints Q&A Step 2: Surgery (2nd ed.) Nelson Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780781779418 BRS Pathology (4th ed.) Schneider and Szanto Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071613644 Case Files - Internal Medicine (3rd ed.) Toy, Patlan Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $6.00 Great book, great shape. Used it a lot during my clerkship.
9780071761710 Case Files - Obstetrics and Gynecology (4th ed.) Toy, Baker, Ross, Jennings Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $7.00 Really great shape, used a lot during the clerkship, good resource
9780071598675 Case Files - Pediatrics (3rd ed.) Toy, Yetman, Girardet, Hormann, Lahoti, McNeese, Sanders Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $6.00 Good shape, some highlighting/writing.
9780071463041 Case Files - Surgery (2nd ed.) Toy, Liu, Campbell Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $4.00
9781625231123 Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes (2nd ed.) Pestana Like new, Some markings/highlighting $7.00 Very minimal writing, necessary resource for oral/shelf.
9780071448741 First Aid OB GYN Second Edition (2nd ed.) Latham Stead, S. Matthew Stead, Matthew Kaufman, Luis Suarez Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $3.00
9780323087872 Goljan's Rapid Review Pathology (3rd ed.) Goljan Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9781605473161 High Yield Embryology (4th ed.) Dudek Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780781779463 High Yield Neuroanatomy (4th ed.) Fix Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071475662 Lange Q&A Surgery (5th ed.) C. Cayten, Max Goldberg , Nanakram Agrawal Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780781790697 Langman's Medical Embryology (11th ed.) Sadler Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00 Cover edges taped to prevent major wear and tear
9781608315840 NMS Surgery (6th ed.) Jarrell, Kavic Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00 Bought this book brand new, nice color pages/diagrams.
9780071458108 Pre-Test Obstetrics and Gynecology (11th ed.) Schneider, Patrick Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00 Great shape, no markings.
9780071761239 Pre-Test Pediatrics (13th ed.) Yetman, Hormann Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $6.00 Great shape
714555490000 Pre-Test Psychiatry (11th ed.) Klamen, Pan Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00 Some underlining, great shape.
0071457704 Pre-Test Surgery (11th ed.) Kao Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00 Good shape
9780071482691 PreTest: Package of 5! (10th ed.) Many Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 5 total: Family Medicine (1e), OBGYN (10e), Psych (11e), Pediatrics (11e), Internal Medicine (10e).
9780781753425 Schaechter's Mechanisms of Microbial Disease (4th ed.) Engleberg, DiRita, Dermody Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 Just taped cover edges to prevent serious wear/tear.
9781416062035 Schwartz Textbook of Physical Diagnosis, History and Examination (6th ed.) Swartz Like new, No markings/highlighting $25.00
9780323085144 USMLE Step 1 Secrets (3rd ed.) Brown, Shah Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00 Minimal wear, very little marking.
9780323057134 USMLE Step 2 Secrets (3rd ed.) O'Connell, Brochert Slightly used, Lots of markings/highlighting $5.00 Great shape, a lot of highlighting.

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