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0838503039 Appleton & Lange Pediatrics (6th ed.) Sara Viessman, Martin Lorin Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00 Marking only in answers sections
9780071219310 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (9th ed.) Katzung Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9780071604055 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition (LANGE Basic Science) (11th ed.) Katzung, Masters, Trevor Like new, No markings/highlighting $30.00
9780632046119 Blueprints Clinical Cases in Obstetrics and Gynecology Caughey et al Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
0632044845 Blueprints in Medicine (2nd ed.) Young, Kormos, Goroll Like new, No markings/highlighting $12.00
9781405103336 Blueprints in Pediatrics (3rd ed.) Marino, Snead, McMillan Like new, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9780781782517 Blueprints Pediatrics (5th ed.) Bradley Marino, Katie Fine Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00
9780781782531 Blueprints Pyschiatry (4th ed.) Murphy and Cowan Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071471886 Case Files Family Medicine (1st ed.) Lange Well used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071598675 Case Files Pediatrics (3rd ed.) Lange Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071766999 Case Files Surgery (4th ed.) Eugene Toy, Terrence Liu, Andrew Campbell Slightly used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00
0071423150 Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment (12th ed.) Doherty Like new, No markings/highlighting $20.00 Comprehensive surgery text, covers general surgery and all subspecialties
9780071743976 First Aid Cases for the USMLE Step 1 (3rd ed.) Tao Le, James Yeh Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
0071364218 First Aid for the Medicine Clerkship, a Student-to-Student Guide Stead, Kaufman, Lock, McFarlane Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9780071761376 First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK (8th ed.) Tae Le, Vikas Bhushan, Nathan Skelley Like new, Some markings/highlighting $15.00
9780071470582 First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS (2nd ed.) Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
9780071761376 First Aid USMLE Step 2 CK (8th ed.) Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan, Nathan Skelley Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $30.00
9780071804264 First Aid USMLE Step 2 CS (5th ed.) Various Slightly used, No markings/highlighting $15.00
0070520135 Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine PreTest Self-Assessment and Review (13th ed.) Richard Stone Like new, No markings/highlighting $30.00 850 multiple choice boards style review Q&A
9780071435345 Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine: Self-Assessment and Board Review (16th ed.) Wiener, Kasper, Braunwald, Fauci, Hauser, Longo, Jameson Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9781451176100 High Yield Embryology (5th ed.) Ronald Dudek Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780470657294 How the Immune System Works (4th ed.) Lauren Sompayrac Like new, No markings/highlighting $12.00 Required for preclinical years
9780716749479 Immunology (5th ed.) Richard Goldsby, Thomas Kindt, Barbara Osborne, Janis Kuby Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $3.00
9780071703451 Lange Q&A Psychiatry (10th ed.) Sean Blitzstein Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $15.00 Markings only in answer sections.
0071475664 Lange Q&A Surgery (5th ed.) Cayten, Agarwal, Goldberg, Wapnick Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00 1,000+ USMLE style Q&A
9780071703451 Lange Q&A: Psychiatry (10th ed.) Sean Blitzstein Like new, Some markings/highlighting $5.00
9780781753425 Mechanisms of Microbial Disease (4th ed.) Cary Engleberg, Victor DiRita, Terence Dermody Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9781934465547 MKSAP for Students 5 American College of Physicians Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00
0683306375 NMS Pediatrics (4th ed.) Paul Dworkin Slightly used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00
0071623426 Pharmacology: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review (13th ed.) Shlafer Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00
9780071760522 Pre Test Family Medicine (3rd ed.) Doug Knutson Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071270205 Pre Test ObGyn (12th ed.) Karen Schneider, Stephen Patrick Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $8.00
9780071598309 Pre Test Psychiatry (12th ed.) Debra Klamen, Philip Pan Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071761215 Pre Test Surgery (13th ed.) Lillian Kao, Tammy Lee Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $5.00
9780071597906 PreTest Pediatrics (12th ed.) Robert Yetman, Mark Horman Slightly used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00 Markings only in the answers sections, questions are untouched.
9780071597906 PreTest Pediatrics (12th ed.) Robert Yetman, Mark Horman Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $10.00 Some markings in the answer sections. Questions are untouched.
9780071598637 PreTest Surgery (12th ed.) Lillian Kao, Tammy Lee Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00
9781451107135 Pulmonary Pathophysiology (8th ed.) John B. West Like new, No markings/highlighting $5.00
0912912065 Rapid Interpretation of EKGs (6th ed.) Dale Dubin Like new, No markings/highlighting $35.00
9781609133603 Step Up to Medicine (3rd ed.) Stephen Agabegi, Elizabeth Agabegi Well used, Lots of markings/highlighting $10.00
9780781771535 Step Up to Medicine (2nd ed.) Agabegi and Agabegi Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $15.00
0781770769 Surgical Recall (5th ed.) Blackbourne Like new, No markings/highlighting $15.00 Slight bend in one corner of cover
9780071790277 The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty (3rd ed.) Brian Freeman Like new, No markings/highlighting $10.00 Helpful overview of all specialties.
9780323085144 USMLE Step 1 Secrets (3rd ed.) Thomas Brown, Sonali Shah Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $15.00
9780323188142 USMLE Step 2 Secrets (4th ed.) Theodore O'Connell Slightly used, Some markings/highlighting $15.00

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